Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Greek Festival 9.9.10

This is the third in a row of really terrible pictures.

I guess my project is NOT about quality pictures, but about remembering the life that inspired them.

And even though this is a terrible picture, it's a wonderful memory.  One of our favorite traditions is attending the annual Greek festival with our friends Llew and Sally.  We adore Llew and Sally and their amazing boys.  Hanging out with them is always fun.  But hanging out with them at the Greek Festival is ESPECIALLY fun.  We've been doing this since Josh was a baby, I think, and we've only missed a year or two in all that time.  We eat ourselves silly and watch the Greek dancers.  We've always had one or two kids dance along near our table, and this year it was Ben's turn.  I will be sad when they're all too old to want to dance at the Greek festival.

Josh is gorging himself on his own box (bought with his own money) of loukoumades, a fried dough tossed with honey and cinnamon.  Yummy.  I want one right now.  And YES, it looks like I'm eating one in the picture, but NO, I was STRONG.  I was holding Ben's and feeding him so he didn't end up covered in honey.  THAT is how strong I am.  I can HOLD a loukoumade and NOT EAT IT.  (Impressive, yes?)


craneydays said...

impressive will power cousin. amazing what incentive 20 dollars turns out to be!

Christina said...

Very impressive!