Friday, April 30, 2010

Feasting 4.26.10

L-R Jimmy & Joni, Jeff & Liz, Hiding Man & Katy, Eric & Christina, and us

While we ARE finally adapting to our new circumstances, there is no doubt that we all feel a strong strong pull to our old lives. Ben about a month ago began saying, "I miss our old house. I want to go to our old house." At that point it had been six months since the move. I was more than surprised that a not-quite-three year old would have such a strong connection to the past, but then, paradise is a hard place to leave and an easy place to remember. Ben has continued to talk about the old house, and sometimes when we're driving up the hill to the new house, he lets me know in no uncertain terms that he'd rather be driving back to the old neighborhood.

One of the great traditions on the old street was our five-family weekly barbecue. We've gotten together quite a few times since the move, but never with just the grownups. So when plans were made to get the barbecue group together at Jimmy's restaurant, Donovan's, anticipation was great. We all looked forward to it, and I believe Liz even dreamed about it.

I could say a lot about the dinner, but really, all I need to say was that we feasted on amazing food and with amazing friends. As we drove home (moaning about how horribly disgusting we felt for eating so much), we both felt so grateful to have linked lives with people of such goodness, such caring, and who are just so dang funny. I don't know if my stomach hurt more from laughing or from forcing down those last few bites of creme brulee. OK, it was the creme brulee. Oh, that creme brulee...

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Christina said...

It WAS a wonderful night. Thank you for sharing these wonderful friends of yours as they are now our friends, too. (Also, I look so pregger in this pic. Gross!)