Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gaining Three 4.9.10

It happened! Ben turned three!

He chose muffins for breakfast. He ate half of one.

We opened presents.

And then I left for St. George.

He was sad for a little while, I think, but playing with new toys with a cool big brother and two cool big sisters was a decent substitute.

Ben loves:

Staying up
Playing with Ezra (and Sydney and Blake)
Stories at bedtime
Pizza, spaghetti, noodles with parmesan, french toast, toast with no crust or butter, strawberries, and sometimes apples "with no crust"
Watching TV, especially the Little People DVD, Dora and Max & Ruby
The park
The snow
Being outside
His sissies and bro-bro
His mommy and daddy
Cars and work trucks


He misses his "old house."
He hates going to bed.
He gives sweet sweet kisses.
He's got a funny sense of humor.
He really loves me.
He ends up in our bed most nights. When he gets into bed, he gives us kisses, hugs around our necks and tells us that he loves us.
He has more expressions than I can count. I love watching him talk to me in the car through the rearview mirror just to watch his face change.
He's trouble in a tiny little body.

We love our Ben.

I mean we love love LOVE our Ben in a heart-squeezing, breath-stealing kind of way.


kmb said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ben!

Megan B. said...

Happy birthday Ben!

Tracy said...

Three years old is my absolute FAVORITE!!! (for real!) Have fun :)

Nanda said...

Kerri, you're darling - YOU guys are the darling ones with babies that make us cry they're so cute.

And I'm no mom yet, but isn't moving on from age 2 something that the angels rejoice over?