Thursday, April 8, 2010

Food 4.7.10

Check it out. I'm a totally awesome homemaker.

David loves him some freezer jam. Josh does too. For some reason I've been a freezer jam slacker for the last few years, so they've had to make due with the junk they sell on the shelves at the supermarket. Poor deprived boys. Since I'm heading out to St. George tomorrow, I felt like David needed some proof of my love. Enter strawberry jam, made with all kinds of affection. My boys are both very very happy.

Also, Sophie decorated a cake at Activity Days. Didn't she do a great job? (She also took the picture.)


Abigail said...

Sophie is geting good at taking pictuars.

Camille said...

Yum!! My favorite kind of jam... If you need jars, Brent's Grandma has LOTS. You just have to empty and wash them (and ignore what was inside that never got eaten.) Just let me know!

Malisa said...

That's a lovely cake.

I love me some freezer jam too. If you ever want to do the nicest thing you can think of for me - it is gifting me some. Seriously. Well, that and helping clean my house. Wait, no, it would be freezer jam. Hmmm....

Oh, and homemade bread. Methinks you might already know the origin of this love?

The Dances said...

I love freezer jam! I'm getting ready to make another batch of it. My rasberry jam from the fall just ran out. I may wait until maternity leave to tackle that one - but it is so delicious! Yours looks gorgeous and yummy!

Jessie Eyre said...

Freezer jam is my favorite. I'm so glad Strawberries are on....and so dang cheap at Costco.

I'm the Activity Days advisor in my ward---you've given me an idea! Not the cake---done that--freezer jam. They'll love it.

Love ya