Thursday, April 1, 2010

Josh's Orchestra Festival and Someone Save Me from Myself 3.31.10

Josh played at a junior high orchestra festival. David and I were once again grateful for a really really great music program at his new school. I mean, really great. It's very exciting. And Josh was seated third chair after their last playing test, which made him feel like hot stuff. He is, though, of course, so he can feel that way if he wants to.

Honestly. Someone needs to take me out and shoot me. I can NOT get a grip on my life and responsibilities. I had FOUR things happen in one day that showed me just how irresponsible I am, but this one was the worst. March 31 is the last day to turn in claims for 2009's Flex Spend plan. I put it off until too late anyway, but right before I turned in my claim, I thought I'd better check how much we had withdrawn over the year. I'm glad that I did. I was off by ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. So I spent the day trying to find receipts and have doctors fax us receipts and calling pharmacies to compile receipts, scanning in receipts, compiling claim forms, and thanking David for not giving up on me when I blow it YET AGAIN.

Is there any hope? Or should I just get rich and hire a personal secretary? Or go back to bed?


Malisa said...

Yay for Josh


hahahahahahahahaha! Love you!

Nanda said...

I understand the receipts thing ... oh I feel the pain.