Monday, April 5, 2010

How Could a Night Go So Badly and Still Be So Good? 4.2.10

So here's how it went:

Friday night we thought it would be great for me to take Josh on a mommy date to see The Lightning Thief. Josh LOVES the Percy Jackson books (he thinks they're even better than Harry Potter. I'm not so sure) and he's been dying to see the movie for a couple of months, but every time we've tried to see it, something has gone wrong.

So he was very excited, and I was too. A night out with my boy sounded like a good break from the routine. Unfortunately, the movie is a little old, so the closest theatre was out in West Valley. We knew we'd be a little late, but didn't think it would matter much, so off we went. We bought our tickets, were directed to the theatre, and were so excited because the previews hadn't even started! Score! So we talked a little, then started watching the previews. Which were raunchy. And terrible. And then even more raunchy. And shocking. And I thought, "I am SO writing a letter to the manager of this theater. This is a KID movie, after all." And then it was THIRTY minutes after the movie was supposed to have started and it still hadn't started!

And then it started.

And it was the wrong movie.

We left immediately and complained to the manager, who was less than helpful. Another couple came out and were furiously explaining that the same thing happened to them (sold wrong tickets...directed to wrong theater). He offered us a refund (duh) and so we took it and left.

Josh was very very sad. I was too.

But on the way home, I had a brilliant idea. I had seen that Percy Jackson was ALSO playing at a drive-in. I called David, who did NOT want to go, and decided to go BACK to Davis County to get the girls and warm clothes (it was snowing) and then go BACK to West Valley to the drive-in.

We did. We were late. When I pulled up, I handed the guy my credit card. He said, "Cash only." So we rummaged through everything we had. We came up with $20.50.

He said "Sorry. There's an ATM on the corner."

I drove away, then realized my debit card just expired.

So then I found a Smith's and decided to buy something and write the check for a little over.

So then we got to see Percy Jackson. AND How to Train Your Dragon, which was very good. And everyone was happy, and not nearly as cold as we thought we'd be.

Until the battery died.

Well, we were still happy. But we had to bug the guy next to us for a jump.

We finally got home after midnight, tired and glad that we'd had an adventure that went so wrong, but ended up being so right.


Amber said...

WHOA! That is a lot of driving and frustration. Good Mommy, you really persevered. A lesson in never giving up!

Our Family said...

Man Kerri you have the best of luck! You sure make me laugh! YOu are a great Mom! Shirlene

The Dunham Family said...

I think a wise woman posted a comment on my blog to the words of..."being a fun mom is overrated!"

That wise woman was you, incase you did not know!

Luke is dying to see the Lightening theif. Maybe we will wait for it to come out on DVD....

Malisa said...

Wow. I didn't even hear about that!