Thursday, April 1, 2010

Resolution Check-In

I know you appreciate it when I help you feel good about yourself, and I think this will really give you a boost.

Here are my 2010 resolutions and how I've done in the first quarter of the year:


Attend the temple at least 10 times (Ummmm...haven't gone yet.)
At least one page of the Book of Mormon every day. (Kind of)
Read Old Testament. (I have read some of the Old Testament three times. OK, maybe two times.)
Keep journal of spiritual impressions. (Yes. Sometimes. It's good. I like it.)

Home Life:

Family scripture study daily. (Hmmmm. A few times.)
Teach children responsibility. (Yeah. I'm not so sure about this one.)
Picture of the day (Haven't missed once! Hooray!)
Help Josh achieve his Deacon Duty to God (Oh. I guess I'd better check out our list. I totally forgot.)
Work on Josh’s scouting. Get ready for his Eagle in 2011. (Josh's scoutmaster is making this happen.)
Kitchen and great room clean nightly. (No. Not really.)
Breakfast on the table at 7:25 (Oh, this is FUNNY!)
Menu planning (Kind of)
Food storage improved (I bought lots of crackers when they were on sale this week. Does this count?)
Deep cleaning daily (David will think THIS is funny.)
Teach Josh and Sophie piano every week (Really? Oh. Hmmm.)
Clean desk every day (As if.)
Clean car every week (I actually have cleaned out the car more than a few times! That's nice!)
Pay bills and be aware of the money situation every week. (I've been very aware of the money situation. It's hard not to be when the money situation is what it is. Not enough.)
No fines at the library. (Be honest. Who of you REALLY thought this was possible? I'll say of the charms of Davis County is that the fines are much less than in SL County.)
Functioning mudroom. (If functioning means that it's a good place to stick the dog when she's disgusting, I'll say yes.)
Organized storage room. (I honestly just laughed loudly. That's really REALLY funny.)
Fun family outing monthly. (Fun? Does going to Costco count?)
At least one family vacation. (We'll see.)
At least one camping trip. (Luckily I don't need to feel guilt about this yet, considering we had 7 inches of snow in the last day.)


Daily service. (Often.)
Weekly date night with David (Not as often.)
Weekend getaway with David (Oh, I hope so.)
Birthday cards to family. (Can I just erase this one? I'm SO BAD at it. Sorry, family. I love you bunches, even if I don't send you cards.)
At least 2 dinner parties a month (YES!!! I HAVE DONE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!)
Visiting teaching complete every month (Seriously, this is getting bad.)


To bed before 11:15 consistently (Does consistent mean once every couple of weeks? If so, then I've been consistent!)
1010 miles in 2010 (This one isn't going to happen. It's really not.)
20000 crunches in 2010 (No. I've changed to doing Jillian Michaels on many of the days I don't run.)
5 pull ups in a row (I can do 1/2 of a pull up now. Is that progress?)
Lose those last few baby pounds (If by losing, I meant gaining more, then I'm making some progress.)
Run a mile in 7 minutes (There's not much of a chance unless I somehow get way faster.)
Add more strength training (YES!!!!!!)
Run some race some time (I'm sure this will happen.)


Read one good book a month (YES! ANOTHER YES!)
Writing...not sure what yet. (Well, I've sure been blogging a lot.)
Photography classes. Improve skills to better record family life. (I took a class, but it hasn't done much for my photography. As if you haven't noticed...)


Recital? (No, but I started my piano group, so that's great!)
Have 20 pieces memorized. (This is a good reminder. I'll review something today.)
Arrange 2 pieces for beginning piano trio (I started "Teach Me to Walk in the Light". Well, I wrote out the melody line in each instrument. That doesn't really count, but at least I haven't forgotten about it.)


Pay tithing on the Sunday after the paycheck EVERY TIME. (Pretty close.)
Create working budget/envelope system/allowances (Nope.)
Be proactive (What does that MEAN?)
Don’t use credit cards (Better)
Get out of debt (Ha. We'll see.)

Wow. That was interesting. And by interesting, I mean sucky.

I am proud, though, of the dinner parties (they've been super fun) and my piano group, and paying tithing, and the daily service, and especially the picture of the day. So like I said back at the dawn of the new year, I aimed high and hoped for some success. I guess that's what I've had: SOME success. Right?


MBlairsLars said...


You have inspired me....I'm making a list today. I'm only worried that everyone will think it is a joke since it is April 1st...maybe I will do it tomorrow! AND I'M SERIOUS, YOU HAVE INSPIRIED ME! Thanks

Christina said...

I'm glad you have such high expectations of yourself, but I'm also glad you've joined the rest of us here on Earth! Love ya! ;-)

The Dunham Family said...

That is not so bad. I am impressed that you are doing so well, and how long your list is. You obviously have more energy than I.

1/2 a pull up is reason to celebrate. WOOT WOOT!

Amber said...

I remember when your 1st posted it I thought you were crazy! But you've actually done more than half of every catagory, meaning you are working on it! That's pretty incredible.

Tyson and Laurel said...

Wow, kerri. ;) You have inspired me too. Keep up the great work!

Malisa said...

Davis County fines are LESS and you've still managaed to rack up that much?!? :)

I'm glad you were able to point out a few of your imperfections here because your blog was beginning to looked too charmed...

Anonymous said...

Kerri you are soo good, I so need to do this! Inspiring as always. :) luv, trina

Anonymous said...
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Marianne said...

Phewf! And I was needing a boost... Glad you're such a slacker!

Our EyreLife said...

A. I track my fitness by the DAYS I exercise, not by the MILAGE. It makes me feel like more of a success. :)

2. I think Kate is the age that I started coaching miss Sophie. It kind of freaks me out, actually. Maybe Sophie was younger. That freaks me out too.

C. I'm totally impressed that you can stay up so late with 4 kids. I seriously can't make it past 10 without becoming a meanie.

4. I think Josh is adorable. I kind of want to set him up on his first date. That's coming up soon, isn't it?

Ann said...

Here's another goal: drop by my blog and make me laugh again like you did today (4.5.10). Thanks for the visit.

Nanda said...

Exhaustion overcame me just reading your expectations of yourself. Wait ... don't we all do that? :) You're so great. Your kids are so fortunate to have a mom like you.

Lara said...

Girlfriend, you are too hard on yourself! Not even Wonder Woman could do that list!

I used to make lists like that, and now I've truly become a slacker and only make one resolution. But I usually at least sort of stick to it.

You're doing awesome!

FLEUR de Lo said...

And I thought Malisa's list was out of control. YOU AMAZE ME!!! My list consisted of only ten things. Have I finished 2.5 of them? No way. I am doing great at one of them and that's enough for now. Loved all of your responses, incidentally. {Lora}