Friday, April 23, 2010

You Get What You Pay For 4.20.10

My darling cousin Stephanie is dear to my heart. I taught her piano for years and years, and was thrilled to watch her blossom as an oboist in high school and college. She and her husband, Dallan, lived in Arizona until just a few months ago, and I'm so excited that they're now here in Utah.

She was crazy enough to ask me to meet them at Thanksgiving Point to take her pictures of her family. I told her, "You get what you pay for." And although I got a couple of fun shots, I'm afraid I more than realized my limitations as a photographer. Wow. It's just not easy.

But we had a wonderful morning together, so all was not lost. Ben and I loved having somewhere gorgeous to go and people we like a lot to hang with.

And this is how the kids felt by the end:

I've got SO much to learn. Maybe I'd better stick with piano...

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