Friday, April 23, 2010

One Crazy Busy Night 4.16.10

It was a wild and crazy night.

Josh had a Scout campout, so I got his food ready, picked him up from a friend's house, and told him to be ready to be picked up by his Scoutmaster.

I drove to Midvale for Kate's piano lesson. After the lesson, I drove to Salt Lake and dropped off Sophie for her violin pizza party for practicing 30 days in a row (hooray, Sophie!) I took Ben and Kate to Wendy's for some food, and we played at a park for a couple of minutes before picking up Sophie.

We then drove to our old elementary school to drop Sophie off at Arts Night to hang out with her best friend Anna.

Pulling up to the school and seeing people I love and miss was unexpectedly agonizing. I guess I haven't fully mourned the loss of the old life. I'm working on the new one, and finding joy here, too, but my life before was oh, so lovely. There are things that will never be the same. I know life here will be wonderful, too, and I am trying not to compare now with then, but there are times that I miss the way things were with a surprising intensity.

After Sophie went into the school, I drove up to Park City to take Ben and Kate to David's sister's house for a late-over/sleepover. I cried up the mountain. Then I decided to get ahold of myself and stopped.

I then drove downtown to meet David for dinner at our friends' lovely lovely place at the Broadway. They spent almost two years renovating, and it is magazine-perfect, super modern, and it has unmatched views of the city. Our gorgeous four course dinner for four couples (with some piano music in-between courses) lasted four hours.

We then drove back to Sugarhouse to pick up Sophie from Anna's, drove to Park City to drop OFF Sophie for a sleepover and pick up Ben to take back home. We dropped David off back in the city to pick up his car, and then drove home.

I was oh so tired when I got home, but not so tired that I didn't realize how empty the house felt with three abandoned beds. I like to have my kids around me at night, and I miss the weight of their sleeping bodies when they're not here.

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