Sunday, April 18, 2010

Snow Canyon 4.10.10

A few months ago, I talked my family into running the Ragnar So Cal Relay.

That didn't happen.

So then Christina and I thought about getting everyone together for a 5K/10K in St. George.

That didn't happen either.

But what DID happen as a result of all the planning was a girls' weekend in St. George. On Friday the Utah contingent of the Youngberg girls drove down and the California contingent drove up for a weekend of talking, eating, running, laughing, hiking, talking some more, and not sleeping enough.

It was wonderful.

I just hope it was wonderful enough to make up for the California group's drive home. A six hour drive became an eight hour drive, and then the LA girls still had to drive one more hour.

Was it worth it, Bri and Ananda? I hope so, because I hope we can make this an annual tradition.

It's so great to spend a weekend with my mom, my sisters, and my sisters-in-law (and two babies!) and realize how I lucked into this totally amazing group of women. Giving, caring, kind, funny, intelligent, thoughtful, talented... It's kind of remarkable that I love my family as much as if I'd handpicked them as friends.


Running with my mom, Bri, and Christina. My mom is a rockstar. She's totally inspiring. After we ran a couple of miles together, Christina and I headed off for a few more. Christina found this fantastic trail which took a great run to a memory-making run. I love running trails.

Breakfast. And dinner. And snacks.

Nertz. Why do I always lose? And why does it not seem to matter?

Snow Canyon. I love this place! We had a blast taking pictures and hiking and enjoying a perfect PERFECT spring day.

Reading family history stories with Ashleigh and Christina on Sunday morning. My mom brought up some fantastic stories about some of my ancestors. One died in the Civil War, leaving a young wife and six children. One converted to the LDS church while living in Switzerland and left his family to emigrate to Utah when he was fifteen years old.

And here are some pictures, of course...


Kurt and Ash said...

Ok you MUST take the picture down when I'm on the phone at breakfast and Ananda is in the picture and I'm laughing because I have a DOUBLE CHIN and look like a crazy woman. But I do love love the one where Holden is kissing Chelsea. And Nana and Chelsea are kissing Celia! And love Chelsea's gianttt pancake :)

bri&mike said...

Love that I looked gross the entire weekend. Still a blast. Please email a full res copy of the one at the top. Mike might like that...Love you!!!

Christina said...

I love your pictures, Kerri, but the ones of me could go! :-) I think my favorite pics are the one of Bri at the top and the one of your mom with windswept hair.

Gaylene said...

Love the Shadow Pix! That's cool. Glad you had a great time. It looke like it was fun!

Karin Webb said...

You know if you would just MOVE down here to St. George, you would be adopted into the Blunck family sisterhood and could enjoy weekends like this ALL the time!