Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Yard. Oh Boy. 4.24.10

We moved into this house at the very end of September and thus escaped having to mow its monstrous self until now.

It's a crazy yard. We think it's a great kid yard, and I picture many many happy days with kids up and down its hills.

But it's hilly. Super duper hilly. And it was with much trepidation that we finally attacked it with mower and edger.

The consensus: It's not going to be as bad as we thought, but it's not likely that Josh in his 85 pound glory will be able to push the mower up the nasty hills when I had to manhandle it and really shove it to get it up. So I think I'll have a new job.

Also, there will be much weeding. I think I've figured out a new punishment for whining or fighting...Go weed for 30 minutes. Can't wait to use it. Bring on the whining.


Amber said...

Holy Mother Hill!!! That is one steep yard, Kerri!

tonandboys said...

I love your beautiful yard. Living on the side of a hill myself, I totally understand the extra work. I love the weeding plan! I have been known to employ the same tactics many, many times.