Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This is not a perfect picture of the day.

It's David, cleaning out Kurt's car.

After Kurt hiked out of Havasupai, he drove to my parents' home in Brent's car. Ashleigh, sick with grief and worry about Kurt, decided to fly out with Holden on Thursday on the first flight she could catch. So her car was at our house while we were all in California.

All of us worried about Kurt. We all felt helpless. Besides praying, what else could we do for him?

My sweet David figured out something and changed his worry to action. He started giving their car a David detailing job. He worked for hours and hours and hours to clean that car. I would go out into the garage to talk to him and find him crying as he waxed or vacuumed or polished.

He is such a good good man.

And that is the kind of love we found people giving us in abundance. Our neighbors and friends from our old neighborhood made us dinner and gathered money for the gas for the trip home. My visiting teachers (women from our church who are asked to care for individual families) came with love and made us lunch to take with us on the trip. We had more friends give us gifts of money, care packages for the car ride (both there AND home) and so many many sweet calls, cards, and especially prayers.

I can't thank you enough. I really truly can't.

But as I think about it, maybe this really is the perfect picture of the day. The love we have felt from you all has affected us so much that we'll never be the same. Our opportunities to serve will be one way we can thank you.


Danielle said...

People are amazing. I am always amazed at the outpouring of love that can come when my reservoir needs some filling.

Amber said...

I am always so impressed when people know the right thing to do in a bad situation. Cleaning the car was so simple, so humble, but something that would be so very appreciated. What an amazing guy.

Anonymous said...
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Natalie said...

I think that is an awesome picture of the day. I love reading your posts, Kerri. I know this is very difficult and painful for you right now. Hopefully it's therapuetic, but if not, take a break. Only you can know what's best for you.