Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Drive and How Old ARE These Girls? 6.12.10

All pictures are courtesy of Sophie and Sophie's camera. I love downloading pics from her camera. I never know what I'll find.

We loaded up the cars. I made Eric and Nina wait an extra extra extra long time to leave (as always). And the drive commenced. We felt like we were driving on the power of other people's prayers the entire way. The kids were great. Even Ben was great. We car swapped. We ate at Chuck-a-Rama (don't judge.) We talked on the two-way radios. We talked about Brent. We listened to music.

And when we stopped for gas, apparently some girls had a lot of fun:

Ummm...I think I just fast-forwarded five years. What are these girls doing and HOW OLD DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? I think I'm in for it when they're REALLY teenagers.


Christina said...

I love the puckered lips! Too funny!

Katie McNeil said...

Oh my gosh, I have such vivid memories of road trips at this age. Such carefree times! (I also have photos of Lauren at age 9 looking like she was 17... scary, I know!)

Gaylene said...

I suggest putting these girls in a freezer until they are, oh say....30 or 35! My gosh they have grown in just 6 short months!