Friday, July 2, 2010

Living a Little in the Past 6.8.10

Our school ended on June 4, but the kids' former school finished on June 8th, so we crashed the party. Ben found Ezra, and there was a bit of a lovefest. I love watching those two little besties. They're always either loving each other or making each other crazy. There is no middle ground.

Sophie and her lovely friend-from-birth Anna. Oh, we miss Anna heart and soul.

Two of the women I love. Jenna and Linda have had my back through many many a long school year. It takes years to build friendships like these, and I'm so very grateful for the years we watched our boys (and girls!) grow up together.

And since we were in a party-crashing kind of mood, we crashed the old street's School's Out barbecue. Jimmy was at the BBQ once again, and the great conversation flowed.

It was a fantastic last day of school...even if it wasn't really our last day of school!!!

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