Friday, July 16, 2010

Visiting 6.19.10

Saturday was a quiet day. The kids spent a lot of time in the pool and I spent a lot of time visiting. Nana Beth and Aunt Jan came to visit (with the most amazing strawberries I think I've ever eaten). As the day wore on and the natives grew restless, Nana Beth thought a walk in the Lakebed (the acres and acres of trails at the end of my parents' street: once a lakebed, now a kids' paradise) might be just the thing to soothe them.

It didn't really soothe them. They were all grumpy. Or mostly, anyway. I got a little frustrated with them, and my sweet Nana just gently reassured me, "They're so good. You have such nice children."

I mostly believed her. They really are nice children mostly. And they really managed to hold in their bad behavior on this trip. Mostly.

I also got to visit with my cousin Peggy and playing with her cute Jenna-Kate. They flew out later than the rest of the extended family, which gave us some much-needed catch-up time. Peggy and I were best cousins as we grew up. I love all of my amazing cousins, but Peggy was the one I wrote a 21-page letter to when I was in 7th grade, mostly about boys, and maybe mostly about some boy named Jeff in my home ec class, if I remember right. (I sincerely hope she has since burned it.) (Chris, aren't you glad YOU didn't get a 21-page letter from me about Jeff in home ec when we were in 7th grade?)

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Chris W. said...

Actually, Kerri, you should count yourself lucky that you didn't, because when I was in seventh grade I would have replied with some of the goodiest-too-shoed advice you could ever have imagined, and it wouldn't have been much help! ;)

(I have such fond memories of the childhood chats you and Peggy and I had in various family basements. I'm glad Peggy was able to come for the funeral.)