Sunday, July 11, 2010


Most of our mornings began around 6:00 when the littlest kids woke up. This was way way WAY too early. WAY too early.

Thursday was the roughest day of the week for me. I started to get sick to my stomach (whether a bug or just stress and grief, I'm not sure) and that didn't let up until after the funeral on Friday.

The day was spent finishing up preparations for the funeral: pictures, slide show, program details, memorabilia. And it was exhausting. And emotional.

Not a good day. Really. Not.

Dad gave some of the boys haircuts. Ben did not behave well.

And again, we were blown away by people's generosity. One woman (who had herself lost two children 6 weeks apart) made this bouquet of handkerchiefs. My mom ironed them all and gave one to each of us for the funeral.

Not a good day. Did I mention that?

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Malisa said...

Those hankerchiefs. Wow.

You've posted a lot here Kerri and it mostly makes me very very sad....and grateful.