Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Again 6.21.10

My sweet kids and our sweet neighbor kids

Home was not an easy place to be. I think each one of us faced this return to normal life with a little anxiety. Monday ended up being hard on each of us.

Once again, though, peoples' care helped us through a difficult time:

Our friend Connie had taken Tally for us for the time we were away. I picked her up on Monday and couldn't believe the difference in Old Dog. Connie had given her vitamins and eye drops and long daily walks. Total Dog Spa Treatment. Tally has missed her.

I received cards in the mail, many even from high school friends I've reconnected with in the last year. I've so enjoyed renewing these friendships, and here they were, supporting me as if we never stopped being friends.

And one of my newest friends, Emily, came over and helped me clean. We had left for California in such a rush that the house was pretty trashed, and I was pretty overwhelmed. She let me talk and talk and talk and talk. Both the cleaning and the talking were much needed gifts.

Later, Kurt and Ashleigh came by to pick up their car. David and Kurt spent even more time on the car, and Ashleigh and I decided that we'd wait one more week to take sugar back OUT of our diets and made cookies.

Monday was bad, it's true, but we got through it. And the next few days improved little by little.

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Dawn DDM said...

Kerri, I don't know if you remember me, I am Dudley's sister. I came across your blog on their blog and have been reading your entries for the past few weeks. I feel as if I am prying into your life but your story of survival has been truly inspirational. So i hope you don't mind if I continue to follow your blog. I love your entries. Isn't funny how all of us mothers face the same issues and yet can feel completely alone as we deal with our naughty, wonderful children? So thanks. Take care and know you're in our thoughts.