Friday, July 2, 2010

Super Nana 6.1.10

While Eric and Christina were in Costa Rica, my mom was Super Nana, and we enjoyed spending as many minutes with her as possible.

One thing I discovered over the week, to my great delight, is that my mom had to work just as hard to take care of her brood-for-the-week as the rest of us do with our own kids. I thought that since she has raised eight and a half children (Chelsea's still at home, so I'm counting her as the half), she must have some superhuman powers enabling her to parent more easily than we mere mortals.

But what I found out? Although she does have the superpower of Limitless Patience (where can I order that one?), she still had to work at being the surrogate mom. I felt like I was hanging out with one of my sisters-in-law while we tried to keep kids from fighting over toys, throwing things downstairs over the banisters and eating only sugar. It was eye-opening and reassuring. I didn't think it possible, but now I think there's a chance one day I might be lucky enough to be half the parent my mom has been.

Well, I don't REALLY think that, but I have a little more hope than I used to.

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