Sunday, July 11, 2010


Like I said, I knew we'd be bringing chaos with us from Utah. With 10 bodies 13 and under, there is noise and confusion. Everyone stood it for a little while, and then it got to be too much for some of us to take. Unfortunately, I couldn't run away from the chaos, as so much of it belonged to me. Luckily, other people could and did.

I've mentioned the overflowing of love from those around my parents. Two dear friends offered the use of their beach houses, and those without four children decided to take advantage of the relative peace and quiet. We did invade for Bri's birthday celebration on Wednesday evening, and the children were very happy to be on the beach.

Will here is still recovering from one of the nastiest sunburns I've seen in years, courtesy of 5 and 1/2 hours in the pool on Monday. He walked hunched over for three or four days. We all felt so bad, especially when we realized that all children's pain relievers were pulled off the shelves for a recall.


Christina said...

Awesome pics, Kerri. I, of course, need copies! I especially love the silhouetted pic of your kiddos. Cool effect.

Katie McNeil said...

Oh my goodness. These photos are so beautiful! You captured such great moments. The fact that I love every person in these photos is the icing on top.

Love you Kerri.