Friday, July 2, 2010

And Then There Was Hand Foot and Mouth Disease 6.4.10

Have you had this special little disease at your house?

We have. And it's not pretty.

Super hot kids with super sore throats. Not to mention that the disease sounds like some nasty farm-y kind of thing.

Kate and Ben both came down with the 103+ fevers and miserable sores in their mouths. And I felt sorry for them. So sorry that I took a picture of Ben's misery. Because really? That is what my day was all about.


Wendi said...

We had it at our house and it's definitely NOT fun. I didn't even believe the doctor when she said what it was. I thought she was joking with me. LOL

Amber said...

Yes, we have and no I do not ever want to see it again. As for Ben's expression: I have seen that misery many times!! Poor little guy!