Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting Through 6.14.10

I know. It doesn't look like we were sitting around crying all day.

We weren't.

You can't cry all day. Or at least I can't. It comes and goes in waves.

So when we were all sitting around the family room, we sometimes fell into our normal behaviors.

We're kind of competitive creatures, we Youngbergs. We were raised by the most competitive of men, after all.

And arm and leg wrestling is just part of our family makeup. It's a little shocking for newcomers.

Arm wrestling? Eric has always been the champ. And leg wrestling? Well, I pretty much rock the house in leg wrestling.

Case in point: Chelsea's friend, Jill, dissed me. She called me a Mommy Runner. OK, she's right. And I admitted it. And then I KICKED HER LITTLE TEENAGE BEHIND.

And then I kicked Briana's little 21 year old behind.

Except here's the saddest thing. Christina then beat me.

It's really really sad. I've never EVER been beaten by a female.

And then Christina beat every girl in arm wrestling.

SO.......I relinquish my title, a little sadly. I think I need to do some more strength training. Watch out, Nina. I'm gunning for you.

Much of the day was also spent in quiet talking and remembering and grieving. And we were able to talk with two of Kurt's friends (Austen and Barrett) who were with them in Havasupai and who hiked out with Kurt that night. I have been so grateful to his friends. They are really remarkable people with enormous capacity for love. Kurt has chosen his friends carefully over the years. I am so so thankful he has them in his life.

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Christina said...

No problem, Kerri! You name the time and place! :-)