Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feeling All Civic 7.2.10

One of Josh's exciting adventures this summer has been attending Merit Badge Camps! I know! That sounds like so much fun , doesn't it?

For his Citizenship in the Nation badge, we all went to the Utah State Capitol.

I thought it was very interesting.

The big kids? Kind of did.

Ben? Not so much. He ended up in a time out in the stroller after freaking out in the Senate Chamber and trying to escape into an off-limits area.

Then he figured out how to undo the stroller seatbelt.


But I decided that although I sometimes say I hate politics, I really don't. I actually like being forced to question my assumptions, and being forced to wade through so much dissention to come up with what I think is the best answer (of possibly two bad answers) and choose a side. And hooray for democracy, right?

OK, but sometimes I still hate politics. Because there IS a lot of dissention. And I'm all about the love.

And also? The renovation of the Capitol? Way good use of my tax dollars. Gorgeous. And the restoration of the artwork? Incredible. I love these WPA murals everywhere I see them. (Plug in for good use of government funding in times of economic distress...Way to fund the arts, Pres. Roosevelt!)

Sorry. Did my political stripes show? I'll tuck them back in.


Gaylene said...

I love Ben's boot's (along with his shorts)! they are so Utah History!!!

Danielle said...

We should go to the capitol together, because I'm pretty sure, make that absolutely certain, a trip there would be voted down at our house.

Lisa said...

All of the sudden I am not to fond of Grover Clevland :P. I also love the boots, so cute. Looks like a good time.

Malisa said...

I don't remember the Captiol being that pretty. It's been a long time anyway.

I like the quote.

And I like you pictures.