Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Friendship and Crockpots 7.1.10

Have I mentioned my friends?

I have?

That they're amazing? And kind? And thoughtful?

Oh, I have?

Well, here's more evidence. My friends Cindy and Sally and Stephanie came to visit with a frozen lasagna, strawberries, bread and chocolate cake. And bagels. And a gorgeous plant. And a card. And they stayed to let all the girls play. And they let me talk.

Plus, they got me out of doing more weeding, so that was good.

And remember how I broke my crockpot? Well, I finally replaced it. I tried to find one at a garage sale, but alas. No luck. I ended up having to rely on Costco to save my summer dinner schedule. So here is the old and the new. Can you believe I've been married long enough to have a crockpot that looks as ancient as this one?

You can?


1 comment:

Danielle said...

I am totally coveting that new crock post. In fact I may hasten the demise of mine. Okay, maybe not.