Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Museum Trip and Potty Training 7.7.10

Josh and Sophie took a summer sculpture class. Josh could earn a merit badge for it if he also attended an art museum, so Katy and I took the kids to free day at the UMFA after a picnic in the park.

I love these kids:

Also, huge news. We began potty training. Ben? Totally ready. We gave him part of his leftover chocolate Easter bunny every time he used the potty. He thought that was great, because since when has Ben not gone crazy for chocolate?

When the bunny was gone, so was Ben's desire to be a big boy. No more potty training. He demanded a diaper. Seriously. He's still in diapers three weeks later. I guess I need another few chocolate bunnies. Anyone got any stale Easter candy they'd like to donate to the cause?

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tonandboys said...

Ben, you are too cute! I love it! We also resorted to chocolate...chocolate chips, because we always have some on hand. We also had a setback when we gave up the reward, and she still knows where we keep the chocolate chips...oops! Good luck! Potty training makes for long days.